TideRadio UK is an online licence Internet radio station that plays a huge variety of the freshest & best hits from across the many genres of music that are presented by our Radio DJ's in the UK & Worldwide. Our Fun and Energetic DJ's Are Here to Make Some Noise and Turn on the Beat.

Benefits for our Advertisers:

โ€ข Tailor-made competitions for your brand

โ€ข Sponsorship of existing features

โ€ข Opportunities to extend the on-air activity and maximise effectiveness

โ€ข Reach new markets

How much does it cost?

We provide a range of advertising options to suit your budget.

- Radio sponsorships

- Site banners

- Fully produced 30-second adverts

- There are only two main costs for you, production and airtime; how you customise your package, directly reflects what you pay!

Contact the Sales Team

To discuss advertising with us, please direct all emails to or find our sales team on Discord. Alternatively,we will get back to you as soon as possible.